Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions below! If you can’t find the answer, please reach out to our dedicated events support team via

Donations & Banking Funds

I collected coins and cash on Pyjama Day, how do I get this to you?

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You can take your cash and coins to your local bank of choice. You will need to deposit the coins/cash into an ATM or with a bank teller. Once you've made the deposit, the ATM or bank teller will request for The Pyjama Foundation's bank details. Our bank details are outlined in the online form below.

Please fill out this Online Banking Form where you can view our bank account details.

Please note that receipts will not be issued immediately and may take up to a month due to extremely high volumes for our small dedicated team.

If you have any questions, please email with the details of your enquiry.

Thank you so much for your generosity!


My fundraising page isn't showing up in the leaderboards - what do I do?

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We're sorry you're experiencing this issue! :( Please contact our team via and we will edit this in the back-end of our fundraising platform as soon as we can!

A donation isn't showing up on my fundraising page - what should I do?

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Sorry for this inconvenience! There could be a few reasons why this might have happened, the most common being an incorrect email input.

We can assist this with - please let get in contact with us via or call (07) 3256 8802 and let us know your fundraising page name, and the name of the donor(s) if possible and we can make sure they get a receipt and also appear on your fundraising page. 

We have a few individuals who would like to receive a receipt for their cash donations. Can we issue these people a receipt?

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Yes, we can offer a to receipt these donors. To be able to accurately receipt them, we will need some information from you including:

  • Your organisation name
  • The full amount your organisation raised
  • The date of donation
  • The full name(s) of the donors/people who donated
  • Their email address(es)
  • And the amount they donated

Once you have this information, please email our team at and we will send receipts out to these donors. Please note, receipts will not be issued immediately and may take up to one month due to high volumes for our small dedicated team. 

Registering for Pyjama Day

Can I participate in National Pyjama Day at any time, anywhere?

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You can host a Pyjama Day anytime throughout July to September 2023!

Unfortunately, we can only ship our Host Kits within Australia. We still encourage you to participate and host a Pyjama Day using our Downloadable Resources.

Can I participate in National Pyjama Day as an individual?

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Yes, you most definitely can participate as an individual. Just follow the sign up prompts for an individual and we will send you a host kit. We would encourage you to host an event with family and friends too, or share your fundraising page link and get their support! 

Fundraising & Pyjama Day Kit

When will my pack arrive?

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Since the beginning of June, we have been sending kits out twice weekly. You should expect your kit to arrive (depending on Australia Post) within a week of registering. Please be careful to include your correct postal details as this is the address your kit will be sent to.

Please get in touch if it seems to be taking too long, or if you suspect it may have been lost.

Do you provide promotional materials and how do I get them?

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When you register to host a Pyjama Day, you will receive your free Host Kit in the mail closer. This kit includes:

  • National Pyjama Day 2023 Posters
  • Customisable Posters
  • DIY Decorative Bunting
  • Stickers
  • & extra information to help you host the BEST day possible!

You can download extra printable resources from our Downloadable Resources page.

Where can I find ideas for a fundraising event?

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There are so many ways to host a Pyjama Foundation Fundraising event! Whether it be hosting a morning tea or a Pyjama Disco at your school, the opportunities are endless.

Some businesses donate a percentage of their sales from the day for a specific item, others encourage customers to contribute to their fundraising total.

We love seeing the creative things that our supporters come up with so ensure to keep us up to date! We will be sure to share some of these fundraisers on our social channels so be sure to follow along.

Are you selling pyjamas that I can wear on National Pyjama Day?

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We are so excited to have a partnership with Myer, who have developed our first ever pair of co-branded pyjamas!

These fun cloud flanellettes will be the perfect accessory this National Pyjama Day, with $5 from each sale going directly to The Pyjama Foundation.

Available in women's, men's and children's sizes, there is something for every member of the family. You can grab yours instore or online.