You can bring hope to foster children in need

Your donation will shape a foster child's life and lay the foundation for a brighter future. 

Every hour in Australia, two vulnerable children find themselves entering the care system, seeking stability amidst their tumultuous lives.

Children in foster care have experienced trauma, neglect and instability at such a young age. It impacts their confidence and their ability to learn.

That's why we need your help. With your support, we can provide our life-changing
Love of Learning Program to children in care by offering them their very own Pyjama Angel mentor - a dedicated individual who embodies compassion and resilience.

There are more than 1,000 children on our waitlist needing support from their own Pyjama Angel.

With your help, we will be able to provide our Love of Learning Program to foster children and their families who urgently need the support.

Your tax-deductible donation today will create a powerful wave of change, lifting these vulnerable children toward a brighter future.

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$25 will go towards training kits and activities to improve our training sessions with new volunteer mentors.
$50 allows us to provide books, games and educational resources to a child in care.
A $100 contribution enables the funding of training dedicated 'Pyjama Angels', whose vital role is to instill a love for learning, foster essential life skills, and build confidence in children.

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Our Stories

Pyjama Angel mentor with child

I had always loved learning but with gaps in my education, I felt unintelligent and so far behind my other classmates. This lack of confidence and low self esteem effected how I saw myself and what I saw as being achievable in my life. When I met my Pyjama Angel, I can truly say that she changed the entire direction of my life. Together we would read, talk and do my homework. She encouraged me and saw potential in me and told me to never give up.

- N, Love of Learning Recipient

Pyjama Angel mentor with child

The Love of Learning Program has been invaluable for our family, especially the children we support. In a matter of months we have seen the children's confidence grow as they have become more confident in their learning. It's like a weight has been lifted off their little shoulders. Every child in care needs their own Pyjama Angel. I can't recommend this Program enough to other foster families.

- Clara, Foster Mum

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