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Hi friends and family. 

I'm back again in 2022 to help raise much needed funds for boys and girls in Foster care.  I had so much fun raising money in 2021 - and was totally blown away and overwhelmed by the amount of people that helped me.  With the help of you all, I was able to smash a few different donation goals and it felt amazing.  

As promised, I wore my PJ's (and my dressing gown too - it was a cold day) to daycare on National Pyjama Day last year.  I was so happy to see that some of my friends wore pyjamas to daycare also.  We had a lot of fun.  I have posted some pictures below showing my fun journey in 2021. 

So now it's time to start raising some money again for this year.  The Pyjama Foundation is a fantastic charity that helps kids who are away from their mummy and daddy - which to think about makes me feel really sad.  I love my mummy and daddy so so so so so so much! 

I am going to be wearing my favourite PJ's to daycare again this year, I wont be at daycare on July 23 (I will be with my mummy and daddy), so I will be wearing my PJ's on July 20 instead :) 

I hope that you can all get behind me again this year, I would LOVE to raise even more money. 

To kick it all off, I have donated some money straight out of my own bank account.  I even picked the amount myself.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that you have fun following me along my journey to help raise these funds. 

Love ya, Ollie xx 

P.s. Here is a little information about the good use your money will be put to - and what it is that the Pyjama Foundation is all about :) 

Kids in care often bounce from home to home and to different schools which adversely affects their ability to learn and thrive. Without support, poor educational outcomes can lead to disengagement in school, mental health issues, unemployment in the future and poor life choices.

Together, we can help to break the cycle of disadvantage experienced by kids in care through continuous stable support and nurturing relationships.

Money raised through this fundraiser will allow community mentors called “Pyjama Angels” to be recruited, screened, trained, and then matched with a child in care.

Together they read books, play educational games, do home-work and so much more. Most importantly, they empower children with learning, life skills and confidence to reach their full potential. 

My Updates

Pyjama Day (Number 2) at Daycare!

Wednesday 20th Jul
Hi Family and friends, 

Well I wore my pyjamas to kindy again, and it was lots of fun.  Pretty much all of my friends, and my teachers too, wore their pyjamas! We had a pyjama party.  

My mummy printed some cool colouring in pages from the Pyjama Foundation website and made some cool photo props for me to bring in and share with my friends.  She also made some stickers, and I got to hand them out to my friends.  They all loved them.  I loved the pink ones best.  

Miss Rita, our teacher in the kindy room, wore her pyjamas and they were colourful with diamonds on them.  She talked to us about how important it is to help others, especially other kids.  We even got to listen to a story from a girl named Emma who grew up in foster care.  We learnt a lot.  

Thanks so much to everyone who supported me this year, I am so happy that I was able to make some really fun memories at the same time as raising money for kids in foster care.  I also got to help raise awareness for these kids too.  I had so much fun!! 

Mummy has posted some more picture below, I hope that you like them. 

Love you all, 
Ollie xx 

Pyjama Day (number 1) 2022

Monday 18th Jul
Hi Friends and Family 

Today I celebrated National Pyjama Day with my cousins, Zoey and Connor, and my Grandad Greg.  It was lots of fun.  My Mummy and I made yummy fudge brownies and she also printed lots of resources from the internet and made things for us to play with.  We even had some pink and blue balloons, the pink ones are my favourite.

We had lots of fun and Mummy said she will post some pictures here for you all to see :) 

Happy Pyjama Week! 

Ollie x 

National Pyjama Day at Daycare!

Friday 15th Jul
Hi Friends and Family, 

I hope you are all having a happy Friday.  My Mummy and I just got back from the park where I was playing with some of my friends, Connor and Cayden.  It was so much fun! 

Thanks again for your support so far.  Just a little more to go until I reach my second goal :) 

Guess what?  My daycare is also celebrating National Pyjama Day next week and has decided to host a pyjama party on Tuesday and Friday.  I spend Friday's with my Mummy so I am going to wear my pyjamies to kindy on Tuesday 19 July.  I hope my friends all wear their pyjammies too, that will be so much fun.  

Remember, me and my cousins, Zoey and Connor - and my Grandad Greg too (haha) will be wearing our pyjamies on Monday too.  So look out for some pictures from my Mummy. 

Please continue to share my page so we can get some more money for the boys and girls that need it!!! 

I love you! 
Oliver xx 

P.s. here is a picture of me on the giant green slide from the park! 

Only a few weeks to go!

Tuesday 12th Jul

Hi Family and Friends, 


I hope you've all been well. I was a little sick over the weekend and had to reschedule my cousin having a sleepover at my house, that made me feel sad but I felt good knowing that I wasn't going to make her feel sick too.  Mum says we are going to try again this weekend :) Zoey, my cousin, still managed to pop by the house (with my Aunty Jacquii) to drop off some cupcakes to me, to help me feel better.  Isn't that kind?  My mummy and I are going to return the favour this weekend and make her some cupcakes, Mummy said that's a surprise for Zoey... but I already told her yesterday. 

While we are making cupcakes for Zoey, we are also going to make some cupcakes for Monday, 18 July because I have roped Zoey, and another cousin (Zoey's little brother, Connor) into wearing their PJ's to our Grandaddy day-care day (which is every Monday).  I am so excited.  My Mum says she may even get my Grandad Greg to wear his pyjamas too, so we can get a picture of the four of us together.  I'm sure my Mummy will post some pictures for you all to see :) 


Please help me keep up the good work and share my fundraising page far and wide, I would really love to reach my next goal of $900!!! Imagine how much good that money can do for the kids in foster care, who Mummy says may not get to spend weekends with friends or cousins, and so that is why they need their very own Pyjama Angel.  


Bye for now! 

Ollie xx 

National Pyjama Day!

Tuesday 5th Jul

New goal!!

Tuesday 5th Jul
We made it to (and past) my first goal of $750, let's try to make it to $900!! Please help me 🙏

We made it... but let's keep going :)

Thursday 30th Jun
Hi Friends, 

Yay, you helped me reach my first goal.  Thank you so much.  

Let's keep it going because there are lots of children in foster care that need our help. 

I am off to play with my friends at daycare.  Have a great day. 

Ollie x 

How it's going!

Friday 24th Jun
Hi friends and family, 
It's me, Oliver. I've been a little quiet lately with playing and learning. My Mummy took some new pictures of me and posted them below, I hope you like them. 

Thanks for all of your support so far. We still have a fair way to go before we reach our 2022 target, remember to share my page with all of your friends and work colleagues. Please! 

Talk soon,

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What an amazing job you did, Ollie. We are so proud of you :)


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Oliver Porter

Thanks for fundraising again with me, my sweet boy! I love you x


Oliver Porter

Let's kick this off with a donation from my very own bank account :)


Alysha Obst

Hi Ollie, you r doing a great job, uncle Gareth and your cousins love an miss u. Oxox


Grandma Mary

Good work my wee darling.


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It’s such a kind and wonderful thing to help others Ollie. We are very proud of you. Keep up the great work 😘


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Keep up the great work Ollie! ❤️ Uncle Gary and Aunty Susan x


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Good job young man.


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Well done on achieving the fundraising goal for this wonderful cause 😊



Well done Ollie x


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Well done Oliver


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You’re the sweetest. Love you xo


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Love Grandad


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Good work Ollie❤️



Your doing an amazing job Ollie. Your a very caring and kind little man. Xxx


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Good luck reaching your goals