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Support little people with BIG Dreams today

I'm Beth! Proud Widjabal - wiabal woman and volunteer Pyjama Angel. 

Those who know me, know how much The Pyjama Foundation means to me. I'm back again to raise funds them. 

Please help me reach my fundraising goal today so more kids in foster care can receive the support they desperately need.

Kids in care often bounce from home to home and to different schools which deeply affects their ability to learn and thrive.

Without support, poor educational outcomes can lead to disengagement in school, mental health issues, unemployment in the future and poor life choices.

By donating to my fundraiser, you will help to brighten the life of a fotser child.

Money raised through this fundraiser will allow The Pyjama Foundation to recruit, screen, train, and  match with a child in care with a "Pyjama Angel" mentor who will empower them to reach their dreams.

Together they read books, play educational games, do home-work and so much more. Most importantly, Pyjama Angels empower kids with learning, life skills and confidence.

So this Pyjama Day, I'll be wearing my PJ’s and raising funds to support kids in care. You can play a part too, by donating today. Every bit counts!

Thank you for supporting my Pyjama Day fundraiser.

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10% from each Bird purchase will be donated to my fundraiser.

Monday 20th May
Who doesn't love Australia's Native Birds? 
For every purchase of one of our bird badges, we will be donating 10% to fundraiser for Pyjama Day. Hands up if you think I should create a PJ badge? - Check out Aussie Laser Creations & First Nations Creations. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Elizabeth Smith

Another 13 birds sold, so $19.50 added to the fundraiser.


Leanne Ngo

Such a great cause. All the best with the fundraising :-)


Elizabeth Smith

Bird Crew Badge sales (10%) 26/5/24


Elizabeth Smith

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