Anais Loic Braud's Pyjama Day

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Join me in making a difference for foster kids!

             ANAÏS & LOÏC

Friends and family , this year we wish to be able to help less fortunate kids . We do not want any toys or presents for our BIRTHDAY . Please be generous to the cause and help us to donate to others in need.

Thank you for supporting THE PYJAMA FOUNDATION,  making a difference in the lives of foster kids.

We thank you so much 

Anaïs & Loïc 

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Hello famakly and friends

Wednesday 3rd Jul
🙂HELLO FAMIILY AND FRIENDS 🙂, we are raising money for foster care children, our wishes for our BIRTHDAY (coming soon ), please help if you can to bring a smile to the little ones .
       ❤️THANK YOU ❤️

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kelly Fiore

Thankyou for having us at your birthday party and for choosing this charity Love Max and archie


Shay Mcgrath

It is very nice of you to donate all of your money to foster kids from Shay


Lham Tshering

Happy Birthday Loic. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Jigdrel


Summer Weerasooriya

Happy birthday


Medha Arvapalli

Happy Birthday Anais


Helena Chris Han


Eliana Tam

Dear Anais, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy being 9. This is a really great cause instead of presents and I hope everyone else thinks so too. From Eliana



Happy birthday Anais & Loic


Hayley Berman

Happy Birthday Anais and Loic. We hope you enjoy your birthday celebrations!



Dear Loic and Anais What a wonderful thing you are doing. Well done and hope to see you soon love aunty Rusa and uncle sumin



Happy Birthday


Hugo & Reeva

Happy Birthday Anais & Loic. We hope you have a super birthday 🥳🥳🤩🤩 From Hugo & Reeva



Happy Birthday Loic and Anais!


Caitlin O’connell

Happy Birthday Anais! Hope you have a great party with all your friends.




Elsie Korman

To Anais sorry I can not go to your party but I can still donate miss you heaps when I am at Byron bay you are the best friend ever thank you so much very day from Elsie to Loic you were so kind when I played soccer for the first time you always bring a smile to year three

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