Give your love to kids in care this Christmas

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Will go towards training kits and activities to improve our training sessions with new volunteer mentors.
Allows us to provide books, games and educational resources to children in care.
Assists in training and matching a community mentor called a ‘Pyjama Angel’ with a child to empower them with learning, life skills and confidence.
Will allow our Pyjama Angels to receive ongoing support during their placements including access to the 9am – 5pm volunteer help line.

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Give Jack the ultimate gift of Love

At just six years old, Jack has experienced more than an average child. 

If you look back on your own childhood, at six years old, you most likely would have been playing freely, without a care in the world.

But that’s not Jack’s reality. 

His childhood consists of moving to different homes and different schools. His childhood has been marked in ways that leaves him with nightmares.  

All children need stability, they need consistency, support, and most of all, they need love. They need our love.  

This Christmas you can give Jack, and kids just like Jack the ultimate gift of love.  

You can give him the gift of a Pyjama Angel, someone who will visit him every week and provide him the care, support and love he needs, on your behalf. 

This special Pyjama Angel’s mission will be to be his companion, his friend and offer him the stability he needs. It will be someone he will grow to trust and will be able to turn to safely when he needs to talk to someone or needs help with his homework. 

Meet some of the children waiting to be matched with a Pyjama Angel mentor

Jack, aged 6 (Logan, QLD)

Loves dinosaurs and looking at picture books

Audrey, aged 6 (Townsville, QLD)

Loves Minecraft, lego, puzzles, arts and craft

Billy, aged 8 (Toowoomba, QLD)

Loves riding his bike, camping and Nintendo

Daniel, aged 13 (Central QLD)

Likes Lego, construction and origami

Bella, aged 10 (Sydney, NSW)

Loves to cook, bake, read and play games

David, 8 years old (Townsville, QLD)

Lives and breathes football

Timmy, aged 4 (Gold Coast, QLD)

He just LOVES tools!

Tommy, 2 years old (Shepparton, VIC)

Enjoys Paw Patrol and toys that make noises

Zoe, aged 15 years (Ipswich, QLD)

Adores reading, drawing, anime, drawing and book stores

Kim, 9 years old (Mackay, QLD)

Loves the outdoors, arts and crafts, colouring in, music, and dancing

 ** Children's names have been changed to protect their identities. 

You can brighten their world by gifting them their very own special Pyjama Angel mentor.

For every $1500 raised a child will be gifted their own Angel this Christmas.

$8,170 raised

$130,000 Goal

$8,170 raised

$130,000 Goal

Thank you to our generous and kind supporters!

Lee Brown

2h ago


4h ago

Berni Lowden

7h ago

Alana Battye

Thank you for the amazing work you do.

21h ago


21h ago

Blair D

1d ago

XO Legal -Leon M (Dir)

Great work team. Merry Xmas to all the little ones out there doing it a little tough

1d ago


1d ago

Alexandria Littlejohn-Regular

1d ago


1d ago

Helen Singh

2d ago

Astrid Stepan

2d ago


Hope this small gift will let someone know that they are loved

2d ago

Sara Benson

Such an incredible organisation. The work you do is amazing. Thank you!

2d ago


2d ago


2d ago

Kathy Cherry

2d ago

Melissa Backhouse

2d ago

Paul Grimmond

Thank you for the great work the pyjama angels do. You are all superstars

2d ago

Jacki Scott

2d ago

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